HYPER 2023 – Our Latest and Greatest Wheels.

The evolutionary update to our HYPER 2020 wheels. The HYPER 2023 follow the modern trend for wider internal rim widths with a 21mm internal width to allow for wider 25, 28, or 32mm road bike tires. The HYPER 2023 wheels are lighter, stiffer and faster than the HYPER 2020 wheels they replaced.

From $1300.

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HYPER 2020 – The “Classic” HYPER.

The wheel that put us on the map, the 2020 HYPER. Their filament-wound rim and carbon spokes ensure a class-leading strength to weight ratio starting from just 1267g in tubeless ready configurations. Advanced aerodynamic profiling produces a fast wheel that out-performs every competitor’s wheel tested under 50mm by Hambini.

From $1200.

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Lún Road Series – Go Fast for Less – Premium Performance on a Budget

“Lún” is Chinese for “Wheel”. We think this perfectly summarizes what the Lún road range are: Performance wheels. No gimmicks, no marketing charades – just race ready wheels that won’t break the bank. We took our 10+ years experience of making and racing carbon fiber wheels and borrowed some trickle-down tech from our hugely successful HYPER wheels to make a wheelset that is ready for anything you can throw at it, packaged in a more affordable package.

From $798.

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