Introducing Our New HYPER 3 Series

After two years of development, our HYPER 3 series is finally here. Witnessing the success and market validation of the HYPER 23 series, we didn’t stop there. No product is perfect, so we kept gathering feedback from consumers and professional cycling teams, continually making improvements. The result? A wheelset that’s even better than the HYPER 23.

What’s New?

Wider & More Aero

Using our latest generation of wider carbon spokes, the Hyper 3 combs through the airflow more effectively to reduce wind resistance.

Spoke Lacing Optimization

we’ve improved from the 2/3 cross-laced pattern to a vertically aligned design for better load distribution.

Wind Tunnel Tested

Boasts need scientific validation to be credible. This time, we partnered with Fuji Aero Performance Center, a subsidiary of Japan Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Inc. and conducted comprehensive wind tunnel tests on our HYPER 3. The results show that compared to the HYPER 23, the HYPER 3 saves 2.2 watts at a speed of 48km/h. More data will be revealed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Overall Performance Improved

Many people care about weight reduction. While maintaining stiffness, we have reduced the weight of the 33/45 series by 35g and the 67 series by 16g compared to HYPER 23 series — these are conservative estimates. At the same time, we’ve also improved stiffness across the board.

Wider, with Less Compromise

With updated manufacturing processes, the new hook edge is 47% shorter than the previous generation. Widening the inner rim width to 23mm, the new design can better accommodate 30mm or wider tyres to form a better seal for optimising tubeless performance.

Lighter & Stronger Titanium Ratchet

Titanium is commonly used in aerospace and is touted for its high strength, lightweight and abraision resistance being well suited for the hub’s “lifetime” use.

2 Different Looks

You know what they say, you can’t please everyone. Some folks love our white decals, others are all about the laser decals. Some riders dig the UD finish, while others prefer the ‘black edition.’ This time, we’re giving you both options!

What’s Unchanged?

F-RAPID Design

The Front and Rear Aero Profiles are Individually Designed to meet their unique demands. The front wheel is optimized for its leading edge performance giving speed and stability in a variety of conditions with a more rounded rim profile. The rear wheel profile is taller and is optimized for lower yaw angles with an emphasis on trailing edge performance.

Same Rim Profiles

Just like the HYPER 23 series, we offer 33, 45, and 67 rim profile versions, covering most riding scenarios.

Tested by Pros, Approved by the UCI

Pro cyclists are the ultimate test for bike equipment. They only want the best performance, and they demand reliability. All our new products are tested extensively in both lab conditions and out in the real world.

Specs Chart