After multiple pandemic-related delays, last weekend finally saw the launch of the HYPER2023 wheels in China.

We invited a bunch of the media, our domestic distributors, cycling influencers and regular cyclists to our HQ to look how we design and make our wheels, before taking them all to a track to give the wheels a try for themselves.

In the morning everyone arrived at our HQ. people came from all over the country and for some it was their first time coming to Xiamen. They were greeted by beautiful weather and of course our CEO Stephen Csai (right), Head of Marketing Joe Whittingham (center) and CTO Roman Chou (left).


The tour started in the exhibition hall, which has some of the key moments of our history, including this; the T700. Our first ever carbon road bike and great-great-great grandfather to the Winspace T1500 and SLC.

The T1500 sits behind the T700. What a difference a decade makes.

Everyone was keen to see how we build the new wheels. Our staff were on hand to answer questions and offer insights.

People were very interested to see what goes on behind the scenes. The small details of how we track every wheelset on its journey throughout the production process.

Wheels are electronically checked for trueness and run-out and every spoke’s tension measured and recorded into our database giving every wheel a detailed record of the history of the components that make it, its journey through our production process, who built it and exactly what condition it was in when it left our facility.

Some of the cycling influencers took a more hands-on approach to checking spoke tension.

A trip through the warehouse is always like a kid in a candy store.

Our cycling influencers took part in an hour long informal exchange about topics such as the state of the industry, riding for charity, how brands and influencers can help consumers make better purchasing decisions, and of course the timeless rim brake vs disc brake debate. (It was about 60/40 in favour of rim brake.)

It’s always good to see a good representation of women cyclists. The invited guests were roughly a 50/50 split.

While the cycling influencers were debating the state of the industry, the dealers and distributors were discussing the business side of things.

Lunch was great! :D

In the afternoon we headed to the race track for the official product launch.

CEO Stephen Tsai kicked things off.

Getting some calories in before the track event starts.

Everyone was in high spirits.

The official unveiling of the HYPER2023 wheels.

As the sun started to go down, everyone got their bikes ready for the track.

The tracks sweeping corners were a big hit.

The lateral stiffness of the HYPERs really counts when you’re leaning into a tight turn.

It was a time-attack style fastest lap competition.

Lining up before the time-attack.

Plenty of fast women. The R45s slice through the air.

Head of marketing Joe Whittingham fresh after delivering his presentation on the stage grabbed his helmet and put on his shoes, never one to miss out on a few fast laps.

James Knipe (@thexiamencyclingfeed) took home first place in the men’s category while Fu Shiqi took first place in the women’s.

The riding continued into the night with the time attack over, people were riding just for fun.

Live music kept the crowds entertained

Even though the time attack was over, people kept pushing themselves out on the track, trying to find the fastest lines.

One lucky attendee, Catherine, won the prize draw for a brand new set of HYPER2023 wheels.

All the Winspace staff at the event.

The event was a huge success. Beers, Bikes and Barbecue – a winning combination.