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The internet is abuzz with reviews and talk about our HYPER wheels these days. Kicked off by a review by Hambini and further amplified when Peak Torque took a look at a set. Quite possibly two of the toughest critics on YouTube, it was a trial by fire. How did the HYPERs fare...?

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We Want Wheelbuilders
We are looking to establish a worldwide network of skilled wheelbuilders to help offer after-sales support to our customers. We have faith in our wheels, but s**t happens, people crash, people run over their bikes with their cars, etc. We want to offer a place nearby for customers to send their wheels for repair or maintenance....
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They're back

Our HYPER wheels are back and better than ever. We've made a few tweaks to them that we're sure you'll love, check out what we've changed...

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More than just HYPE

Our HYPER wheels have beeen a bigger hit than we could have imagined. Truth be told we've been struggling to scale up production. We apologise to everyone wanting to get their hands on a pair, and want you to know we're working as hard as we can to get them back in stock. In the meantime we thought we'd share some of the feedback we've been getting...

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Racing Around the Globe

As our brand becomes more and more well-known internationally, the number of people choosing Winspace around the world increases. Many of our customers choose to use their Winspace bike to go racing in a number of disciplines in a growing number of countries.

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2019 UCI Tour of China

Our sponsored team the Minsk Cycling Club was in action this past week at the 2019 UCI Tour of China. They rode their Winspace T1350 bikes to overall victory in the team classification, proving what a great all-rounder the T1350 is. This frame starts at $1230 with free shipping. check it out here

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