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Authorized Dealers

In China we have over 200 brick and mortar dealers, but internationally we're mainly an online-based brand. However, we love bike stores. We think bike stores are the backbone of the entire bike industry. While we think that dealing direct to customer has its advantages (delivered straight to your door, cost savings, etc.) we also think bike stores have their advantages too! (Don't have to wait for shipping, can see before you buy, etc.)

We have a small but dedicated network of dealers around the globe that we're constantly trying to expand and improve. If you're lucky enough to be located near to one of these guys, we'd definately recommend getting in touch with them! 

Interested in becomming a dealer? Click here.

Winspace Singapore
Contact name: Marco
Contact e-mail:
Contact number: +65 9687 8785

Winspace Australia
Sneaky Cycles
Contact name: Gavin
Contact e-mail:

Winspace UK
Jedi Cycle Sport
Contact name: Simon
Contact e-mail:

Winspace Netherlands
Contact name: Rogier
Contact e-mail:

Winspace Canada
Contact name: Jonas
Contact e-mail:

Winspace Malaysia
Megabike SDN, BHD.
Contact name: Law Wai Keong
Contact e-mail:

Winspace Japan
Contact name: Ryu

Becoming a dealer

We're constantly looking to expand our global network of dealers and service centers to offer the best service to our customers. If you're interested in becoming an authorized Winspace dealer, please introduce yourself to us via email to: - we look forward to hearing from you.