Mini Cart



Winspace have been designing, producing and racing road bikes since 2008. For over 10 years we have been bringing the latest technological advancements to racers and real bike enthusiasts, developed through real expertise. The attention to detail, the engineering and the paint jobs and finishes that dress the Winspace bikes are what make for a unique and recognizable style.

Our team is an international team of experts in their relevant fields. With industry gurus from 3 continents working together towards the common goal of making products that cause a paradigm shift in a stagnant industry. Our headquarters in Xiamen, China means we're right at the heart of the world's capital of carbon fiber production. Proximity to our production facilities allow us to closely monitor quality control, quickly bring new products to market and keep costs low for consumers.

We breath the passion for cycling and the unstoppable desire for riding keep us doing the job we love. We're as passionate about bikes as you are.