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G2 Gravel

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Performance Wheels

Our in-house wheel brand “Lún Wheels” has a wide range of road & gravel performance wheels. From our carbon-spoked Lún HYPER race wheels, to our budget-friendly Lún Road; there’s an option for every rider and every race.


Flagship wheelset from 1229g

Premium performance road wheelset. Filament-wound rim, carbon spokes and ceramic bearings

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Race-ready wheelset for $798.

A performance wheelset designed to offer the best bang for your buck. 

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Lightweight gravel wheels

A gravel focused wheelset with a wide internal rim width available in 650B or 700C.

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We have over a decade’s experience designing and building carbon fiber race bikes. The T1550 is our UCI Approved unapologetic race bike. Aggressive geometry and aero tubing combine to create a race-winning bike. For those who like the steep stuff, the SLC is our all-out climber. Plus, Agile and C5, which combine the best aspects of both into one, and also UCI Approved. If you like it rough, the G2 is the perfect start to any gravel or all-road build.


All-round Bike

Combining agility and lightness with a 32mm max tire clearance, our T1000 carbon fiber frame redefines control.

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T1550 2nd Gen.

Aero Flagship

The 2nd Gen. takes everything to the next level. It retains the aggressive geometry and performance focus with further optimization.

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SLC 2.0

Climbing Weapon from 780g.

Our light-weight climbing frame option, designed to go fast when the road gets steep. Available in rim or disc brake options. 

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C5: Milemaster

One-Pieced Molded Frame

Our first product featuring one-piece molding technology boasts a seamless design for increased durability.

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G2: Gravel

Build it Your Way

Our versatile gravel frameset. With clearance for upto 700*50C tires, the build options are almost endless.

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