Chinese New Year is coming! Even if we carried on working, our suppliers and logistics will all shut down. Besides, our workers have been working their butts off for the past few months, and we think they deserve a rest…

Note: Note: Free shipping orders placed after January 28th will be sent after Chinese New Year. (Dispatched ASAP after February 19th)

Express shipping orders placed before February 4th will be sent before Chinese New Year. Express orderes placed after February 4th will be sent after Chinese New Year. (Dispatched ASAP after February 19th)

We will be operating a minimal customer support service. Our live chat service will be running reduced operating hours and we will be a lot slower with replies to emails. Again, we apologies for this disruption to our customer service, but we want to give our employees a good rest to start the ‘new year’ with the energy needed to really push the envelope in 2021.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope 2021 brings you health, happiness, prosperity and a new set of wheels.

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